How to care for your wood products

How to care for your wood products
Wood products are beautiful and timeless when cared for correctly. I am sure that most people know that wood and water are not a good match. A sealed wood product will withstand the elements better, however, it is always best to avoid getting wood wet as much as possible. Signs that will be on a covered porch will still need a little TLC since they may be exposed to moisture and sunlight, adding additional applications of spray sealer every year or two will keep them looking great!  I find that baby wipes work great for a gentle clean and compressed air is a great tool to get dust out of any nooks and crannies. If you notice that your item is drying out, butcher block oil, tung oil and Danish oil are all great products to add shine and luster back to your item. Make sure you read the label for proper application and to check if it is food safe.  If you have any questions please feel free to message me! Thank you for shopping at Sprouting Expressions!

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