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Earring Display Stand - with hooks and earring cards - store display, craft fairs, outdoor markets

Earring Display stand is made from 1/8 inch Birch wood. Stand is perfect for traveling to outdoor events or craft fairs, as entire stand weighs approximately 2 pounds (empty) and takes only minutes to assemble and take back apart. If you are using in a permanent location then the stand can be glued. Completed stand is 480mm X 270 mm which is approx. 18.9 inches tall and 10.63 inches wide. Earring cards are 80 mm tall x 50 mm wide which is 3.15 x 1.97 inches and the hooks are 30 mm long which is 1.18 inches. There are 16 hooks and cards - 4 additional hooks will be included for a total of 20.

I use the wooden cards for my DISPLAY earrings and then keep additional product on cardboard cards in plastic bags behind the sample. My customers appreciate the fact that the pair that they are purchasing has not been handled by multiple customers. I have also noticed others that use the wooden card as a "Sorry we have sold out of this style" card. It is really up to you and what market you are in.

Base model is unfinished, not assembled, and not engraved. You will only have to do minimal sanding, if any, as the wood used is very smooth.

I show a finished product in the pictures - it is stained with age accelerator and the cards are natural. My store name is engraved at the top and the wooden cards have my logo engraved on them. This would be optional - see variations below.

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Materials: Wood,Lasercut